Private label health plans – a tool for increase market capture and improved patient outcomes

Private label health plans or co-branded health plans are joint efforts between like minded health plans and provider organizations interested in enhancing market share, achieving improved patient outcomes, minimizing duplication of services and achieving financial accountability. In its purest form, a private label health plan combines the strengths of the participating providers such as reputation, innovative practice patterns, trusted referral patterns and coordination of care techniques with those of the participating health plan such as benefit design, network design, contract administration and other insurance plan core competencies.

Most often, a private label enterprise has as its core characteristics, a value based limited network in which the participating providers agree to, and adhere to, mutually designed clinical and financial performance targets which are intended to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance targets ultimately leading to increased provider and health plan profitability. Benefit plans are customized to maximize in network access, member engagement and minimize out of network referrals. The insurance partner, in addition to providing the basic insurance administrative and medical management insurance functions, contributes by offering access to data and technology often unavailable to providers otherwise.

Private label health plans are a potentially attractive option for health plans that are already working with Accountable Care Organizations , (ACO’s) and large Integrated Health Systems, (IDS) who control all, or a majority of, the resources necessary to achieve continuity of care ranging from primary care to end of life care.

Large self insured Employers that labor under legacy self insured insurance programs for their retiree populations are potential customers for private customized private label benefit plans and value based networks because they offer the Employer greater control over benefit offerings, defined employee or retiree contribution and medical cost.

At the Gorman Health Group we have a history of supporting Medicare and Medicaid  Health Plans and Provider organizations on innovative approaches to network development, healthcare pricing and model of care development, as well as working with ACO’s on achieving improved financial performance and member engagement.



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