The 2019 Model Marketing Materials Are Posted. Ready for What’s Next?

As we await the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG), The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the 2019 Model Marketing Materials which includes standardized outreach and educational materials for Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and 1876 Cost Plans.

Bids are due in a little over a week. You probably have an audit or two going on, and also your day-to-day work needs to be accomplished. CMS will continue to issue enforcement actions for reasons such as delayed and inaccurate materials. Don’t let other activities impact your attention to this area.

Here are three pieces of advice while we wait for the chapter:

  • Do not reduce your internal quality control and compliance reviews of materials. While certain pieces will no longer be considered “marketing” and therefore will not require submission to the agency, you should anticipate that CMS (and your competitors) will be on the lookout for misleading and confusing communications.
  • Formulate your questions after the release of the MCMG. If something is unclear, ask before you do. I am a huge fan of the adage, “it’s better to say sorry later than to ask permission now,” but I generally save that for when I am encouraging my precocious nephews. I do not recommend employing that strategy when working with Government Programs. The agency often releases FAQs, so get your questions in.
  • Continue to plan for your review season. The deadline for plans to provide the ANOC/EOC, formularies, LIS rider and directories is September 30. That means it needs to be in their hands by that time so they can make informed decisions.

Once you have your Plan Benefit Packages in place (we are actively helping with that, too), Gorman Health Group’s experienced staff can review your sales collateral to ensure your content is compliant. Our marketing material review service includes:

  • Staff members with over 10 years of experience in CMS marketing material review
  • A compliance review to ensure model instructions and MCMG are followed
  • A benefit review to ensure accuracy of approved Part C and Part D services
  • A structured process with quality checkpoints and full project management support

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In a recent HPMS memo, CMS confirmed the Medicare Marketing Guidelines will be renamed the “Medicare Communication and Marketing Guidelines.” Read more here.