Plan Now for Performance

As 2016 comes to a close, planning for next year should be well underway.  Bids are in, and budgets for the current year are being evaluated against reality before next year’s strategies are finalized.  As the ACA continues to evolve, CMS has been busy with new programs and more oversight.  A plan or provider has to be vigilant about identifying any weaknesses that could mean high costs or low expectations relative to budget.  Parent companies have to be aware of line of business similarities and differences as Exchange and Medicaid business become more like Medicare Advantage in terms of programs and benchmarks.  A recent article from Kaiser on retention makes great points about the line of business impact on retention and how it is a simple metric that encompasses many operational issues.

GHG is constantly improving its tools to identify outliers as well as relationships between different metrics that cross department lines. Finding root causes and quantifying them for the organization are more impactful than just handling them on an ad hoc basis.  Just like compliance is everyone’s responsibility, so is financial performance.  Identifying weaknesses AND leveraging strengths combine to form a more complete business model for sustained growth.

GHG can prepare a tailored snapshot of your market and your company’s performance. Contact us here.


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